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Dirty Tricks And The American Connection © 2012

All of this mess started back in 2006, when the Canadian government saw fit to outsource the data collection of the 2006 census to a well-known American weapons manufacturer. Seriously?? I, and many others were outraged. I wonder how this sat with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. ZZZzzzz... How about Elections Canada? Especially since they use census data. ZZZzzzz... They are the ones that are conducting the investigation into this right now. What will they find?

In the light of 9-11, the census was just a way for the American government to gain personal data on all Canadian citizens for "reasons of security". The Canadian government was OK with this. No consultation, no debate. How could they get away with this? Because of the seive called the Privacy Act and PIPEDA from 2001. Which were lobbied hard by at least 2 telecom companies, Bell and Telus. This is public record. "Yes, we ring a bell, and you tell us everything." or better known as a Pavlovian reflex. Our information is our private property. It was taken from us without our consent, we were not paid for it, we do not collect royalties from its use, and yet they will package it and sell it off to whomever. You don't get a penny and have no say in the matter. I personally think all Canadians are owed a lot of money.

Since March 1st, Google has started to take a hell of a lot more information from you. Believe it or not, this is 1984 on steroids. Yet here I am. I consider all this, theft of private property, plain and simple. We all just got ripped off. There are laws against theft of private property! There is a definite amendment in the US Bill of Rights for this kind of activity (the 5th). Furthermore, the constitution forbids any foreign government from interfering, participating in, and making or influencing political decisions, policies or legislation involving affairs of State. It is a treasonous act to do so. This kind of activity has been going on in the US for many, many years without punishment. As a matter of fact, it was facilitated by many government officials of whom some were "taken", unbeknownst to them until later. The greatest peculiarity, is that it is apparently not against the law in Canada to hire US companies to make these phone calls, at election time no less, and puposefully, misdirecting and manipulating people to go to bogus polling stations? I'm sorry, but this is DIRECT influence in Canadian politics by a foreign country and/or business.

If the Americans had a law punishable by death, for this kind of offense, it is certainly not for superficial reasons. Just using simple logic. Why is it not a good idea that Canada have one too? In which case, lots of heads should be, and would be rolling. Here, in Part 1 of this video, we have the PMOs office openly admitting to what I would call, for all the reasons given, treason. He also says in Part 2 of this video, that he paid Canadian dollars, in Canada for the US sourced calls. So, by reason and logic, a Canadian company (probably a telecom), perhaps established in the US, was the outsourcer for the "technology" that the American company used or, it was the Canadian company's US subsidiary, that IS the American company.

The "Law", sees nothing wrong with this kind of business, thanks to free trade (another American/Conservative idea). A business is simply selling its services, right? Who really owns that business and what "business" is it really in? For legitimacy, it's "telemarking". Seems harmless enough, eh? There is a weapons manufacturer behind that business. On many occasions, in Parliament, I have heard the Conservatives bandy about the name of Leon Pinetta, and actually quoting him on varied issues as if he were some kind of guru. Someone we should heed perhaps? Not. Leon Pinetta, the wall street lobbyist turned Head of the CIA. It is no wonder that Harper, is buying military equipment like jets and wants to use them in fighting wars all in the name of "PEACE", "DEMOCRACY" and "FREEDOM". Of course, you have to use them, and hopefully, along with lots of ammo and expensive bombs, maybe a couple of expensive planes might be shot down so they can buy more. Well, how else does a military weapons manufacturer make money, if the weapons aren't used and destroyed? They gotta move "product" just like any other business. It is no surprise to me then, that the Neo-Cons in this country, also want to build more jails. It is the Canadian equivalent to the FEMA camps going up all over the US at the moment. They are preparing for something big. They are obviously anticipating to lock up alot of people. Who? For what? Hmmmm...

Terrorists maybe? They will certainly be labeled as such. Basically, anyone causing disruption to the status quo, can, and will be labeled a "terrorist" or some other new unheard of term of their devising. Perk up when you hear new terms or euphemisms for other terms that exist already. Especially, when it comes from so-called "authority figures", because there is something afoot. There is one that appears in these videos, called "telephone town halls"? He does not explain what this actually means, but from context, I think I can guess. He is talking about a large group of people (or servers), organized around tables with telephones (or server farms with modems) and their job is to call everyone on a given list. Which list? I think I already mentioned that. He goes on to say that it is a technology that does not exist in Canada. This gives them an "excuse" for using the US companies. A server farm with racks of modem banks is an ancient technology and yes, it exists in mostly all nations, including and especially Canada. I believe it is a Canadian company established in the US that supplies this technology to the businesses that made these calls. But, I have no definite proof. For me, the government will have to come up with a better lie, or at least, a more credible one. But to change their story now would certainly be suspicious.

So we have well-meaning and courageous soldiers, putting their lives on the line in countries all over the world, believing that they are fighting for those values we all believe in. They trust that our government is telling them the truth about the world. After all, it is the LEAST the government can do when you have people dying for that belief. My God, when you realize that it is all for money and consequently, power, words cannot express the absolute outrage I feel. Soldiers should turn their guns on the real oppressors. You see, those who "pull the strings" of society are not in the public eye. Never seen or known. The military, is what they use to protect themselves from us (the people) and it is also what they use to oppress us and others. Without it they are naked.

In the US for example, how many Presidents can you name that have warned of future conditions and events which we see unfolding before our very eyes today. I can think of at least 4. These are US Presidents! These are not kooks, crazies, or conspiracy theorists. Time and time again, we have been warned but the general population has not been listening. So I'm not surprised that we find ourselves in the current global mess we are in. Sometimes I think, I should have taken the "Blue Pill".

P.S. I won't be saying anymore on this matter, as I have very diverse interests. I will be posting some other interesting things. Besides, I said enough haven't I?

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